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Dance Lessons in the San Jose Area

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Robin Horn

Dance is my passion, teaching others to dance is my pleasure.

Dance Lessons in San Jose

Robin Horn teaches Ballroom Dance Lessons in the San Jose and South Bay Area.  Learn social, Latin, waltz, rumba, foxtrot, salsa, and most other dance styles with private lessons.  Wedding dance lessons with expert instruction and choreography for your special day.  Dance lessons taught in Campbell on S. Bascom Av.

Robin Horn has been teaching dance in for over 22 years, 17 of those in the San Jose area.  Learn social dance, ballroom dance, prepare that special first wedding dance, refine your competition and professional dance skills, or just have fun.  Robin's passion is dance and her skills at teaching all levels of students from the most challenged beginners to the most advanced competitive dancers have earned her the recognition and respect of the dance community.  If you want to learn wedding, social or ballroom dance, You should contact Robin.

Wedding Dance Lessons

If you have an event coming up such as a wedding and have always wanted to be "that couple" that looks so good on the dance floor, you need to inquire about Robin's wedding dance package.  She will choreograph that perfect dance and make it one of the most memorable moments of your wedding.  She also works with Fathers and Daughters and Mothers and Sons to create a memorable wedding dance. If you know someone that is getting married, why not give them an engagement gift they can really use, a gift certificate to learn their wedding dance from one of the best instructors in the San Jose area.

Ballroom Dance

Are you thinking it would be nice to just have more confidence on the dance floor?  It's one thing to go to a club and move to the rhythm of the music. It is quite another to glide smoothly on the dance floor, lead or be lead with confidence or learn those hot Latin dances that are so popular. Dance Studios offer the perfect place for you to learn to dance.  Robin Horn will teach men how to lead with confidence and show them basic step patterns that they can use in most any dance situations. Women will learn how to be lead, add style to their dances and be the perfect dance partner.

Have you watched "Dancing with the Stars" and thought it would be great if you could learn to dance like that?  In truth, most people can learn to dance well and when given proper lessons form Robin Horn, will have years of enjoyment from their dance lessons.

If you are thinking "Yes" and would like to learn more.  Robin is without a doubt, one of the best at teaching beginning dance in the San Jose area.

Contact Robin Horn today to learn how her affordable "Introduction to Dance" package could be the perfect fit for you.  She is accomplished at providing beginner through advanced lessons in all the popular dances.

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