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Just getting started?  You may be trying to decide between personal lessons and group lessons.  What you want to accomplish has a lot to do with your choice in lesson styles.  Group lessons are less costly at least for the time spent vs. cost. You can often take lessons for around $8 -$10 per lesson in the group environment.  You also have the benefit of the social aspects as you will be in a group of other students and will usually be dancing with many partners in a rotational way.  The problem with group classes is that you learn at the pace of the slowest learner and you rarely get the individual attention you need to really learn the steps well or to make sure you aren't developing bad habits.

Private lessons with Robin are a cost effective way to learn at a faster pace and learn each step correctly and also learn the subtle little movements that make dance so fun to watch. You can custom tailor your instruction to your needs and arrange a schedule that fits your availability.  You not only progress faster but will learn how to lead and be lead, insuring your enjoyment of dance for years to come.

Robin has made it easy to get started, She offers a beginner series of 4 lessons for a great price of $200.  This is the best way to see if you enjoy dance, assess your dancing aptitude and determine if private lessons are right for you.

To contact Robin and discuss how best to get started, Click the button here.  Contact Me